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About Us


Intellect Investment Consultants Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in the year 2006 provides intermediation services in the Indian financial markets to Banks,Institutions,Mutual Funds,Co-operative Banks,Provident Fund Trusts,Charitable Trusts & High Networth individuals.

INTELLECT in a short span has carved a niche for itself in the intermediation business. The achievements corroborate our untiring and sincere efforts towards building and preserving mutually rewarding and sustainable relationships with our clients and giving them our value added services with meaningful performance.

The Company has prudently invested in intellectual capital as a driver of immediate and long-term growth.Today, the company comprises Chartered Accountants,MBA’s and other professionals. These professionals bring to bear their insightful capabiliies to assess changing market environments, important industry trends and the long-term implication of financial alternatives.

Research forms the backbone of all our services and encompasses micro and macro analysis, both fundamental and technical besides thorough understanding of investor’s perspectives and requirements. Intellect’s intelligent and prudent intermediation solutions have helped customers add value to their businesses.

Intellect’s techniques and documentation combined with increasingly sophisticated systems are translating into a quick, reliable, pleasant and profitable customer experience.

Why Us?

There are a number of reasons why the client gets the best service at Intellect

  1. The client interaction process is relationship-led, not transaction driven.
  2. INTELLECT’S service edge comes from its deep knowledge of the customer so that the Company has something appropriate to offer even before the latter’s request.
  3. The customer solution is not driven by what is easily available in the market but by what the customer actually needs.
  4. INTELLECT provides access to liquidity and consultancy to suit the profile of the client’s organization.
  5. INTELLECT brings to the client’s table a breadth of products and a customer base which expands its sourcing and placement capabilities.
  6. INTELLECT interfaces actively with other intermediaries in the business, widening its reach.
  7. At INTELLECT the transaction doesn’t end with the deal; it ends with a responsible documentation process in the company’s back-office that brings the transaction to its logical conclusion.
  8. Most importantly, an open-ended thought process at Intellect translates into lateral thinking and product innovation in challenging circumstances.