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IICPL offers investment consultancy services to NRIs and helps NRIs to get good profits/returns on their investments. The Indian economy is very sound from the fundamental view point and it is much stronger than China in the current market turmoil as the banking system of India is quite superior to that of China. Moreover, India’s economy is growing on the back of domestic consumption rather than the over-dependence of exports to foreign countries. This gives India an edge over other countries due to its demographic pattern (majority of the population is in their 20s-30s, top human talent, low labour cost, political stability and the  stronger economic fundamentals. In addition to this, the liberalization process is also adding into the already attractive Indian markets which will further raise the interests of foreign investors (FIIs) for the foreseeable years.

In the coming decade, the growth prospects of India are very high with sound fundamental economy and government policies. Therefore, the Indian stock markets are likely to attract several key financial institutions all over the world which will ensure good returns compared to other markets.

At IICPL, we are fully committed to provide you one-stop-shop for all investment needs as a NRI (Non Resident Indians) by providing our in-depth financial research consultancy services. IICPL will guide you from each stage involved in investing in India – the process and most importantly, where to invest profitably.

IICPL will help NRIs in the following investment avenues:

  1. Equity Market Investments in India
  2. Equity Trading in India (F&O as well as cash)
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Accounts & Taxation
  6. Portfolio Restructuring

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