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Non Convertible Debentrue (NCD’s)

Investors are always on the lookout for a good investment opportunity. There is a quench for that one investment decision which will not only offer returns but also manages liquidity & risk to a greater extent. Given the volatility which equity markets have consistently witnessed over the months, Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) have emerged as one-stop solution that continuously instills the investor’s faith in investments through a mix of risk-return profile & ease of liquidity.

Simply put, NCDs are fixed income debt instruments issued by a company wherein a company agrees to pay a fixed rate of interest on your investment for a specified period in order to raise money from market for business purposes. As the name suggests, these debentures cannot be converted into shares of issuing company unlike convertible debentures. Interest on NCDs is paid at different time period like quarterly, semi-annually or annually. They also have an option of cumulative interest in which case interest is cumulated & paid on maturity

An NCD can be secured or unsecured. Secured NCDs are backed by the issuer company’s assets to fulfill the debt obligation unlike unsecured NCDs. The NCD issues are rated by credit rating agencies like CRISIL, ICRA, FITCH, and CARE to ensure the company’s ability to service the debt on time & lower default risk.

Tax Implications:

  1. Held Till Maturity: Interest earned is added to the total income & taxed at marginal rate of income tax depending on the tax-slab you belong to.
  2. Sold on exchange before one year: Short Term Capital Gains Tax at applicable rates depending on the tax slab you fall into
  3. Sold on exchange before maturity but after one year: Long Term Capital Gains Tax at 20% with indexation & 10% without indexation

Benefits of Investing:

  1. Listing of NCDs on exchanges like NSE & BSE provides liquidity to your investments
  2. No tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on listed debentures
  3. Investment tenure ranging from 2 to as much as 20 years provides you with ample options to fulfill your financial goals
  4. Unlike FDs, NCDs have limited lock-in period which makes them attractive as far as liquidity is concerned
  5. Ratings by agencies like CARE, FITCH, CRISIL, ICRA enables you to assess the quality of debt papers before investment
  6. Option of holding bonds in ‘Demat Form’ makes your investments easy to handle & monitor


Issue Name Rating Coupon Tenure Put / call Open Close Remarks
Shriram City Union finanace Ltd AA+ Stable by CARE, and AA Stable by CRISIL  9.30/9.45/9.55/9.70/9.85

per annum



NA 21 August 2019, Wednesday 19 September, 2019, Thursday Payment Mode ASBA Only
Shrei Equipment finance Ltd AA Stable by BWR, and AA Stable by ACUITE  9.88/10.25/9.95/10.40/10.15/10.65

per annum



NA 19 August 2019, Monday 18 September, 2019, Wednesday Payment Mode ASBA Only
JM Financial Products Ltd AA Stable by CARE, and CRISIL 10.20/10.30/9.85

per annum

38/ 60/84


NA 6 August 2019, Tuesday 4 September 2019, Wednesday Payment Mode ASBA Only